7Balls NFT

Welcome to 7Balls NFT:
Are you a fan of Dragon Ball? In your childhood, had you dived into the fierce battles together with Son Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Bulma, ect..? It is 7Balls NFT game that can take you back to those wonderful memories.

What is NFT? 7Balls NFT is built on blockchain platform which you can play game and earn money through collecting NFT Heroes, Items, Equipment… These NFTs could be sold on Marketplace to exchange USDT (if you are a new player on blockchain platform, please see the detailed instruction in the following).

The game includes over 150 Heroes split into their power levels of D,C,B,A,S,SS,SSS in the comic series and keeps updating the latest Heroes that you can create your own team structure.

The plot of the comic series is consolidated into the game which gives the best experience of lively feelings from Dragon Ball in every details.

Furthermore, other fascinating activities are involved in during the game such as Tournament, Dragon Ball collection, summon heroes, PVP, Korin Tower, farming on the map to get Equipment, Gold and other upgrading materials.

The new features will be continued to be updated which consist of the clan, battle clan, fighting the world’s boss…

Why we create 7Balls NFT game:
We have a big love with the manga series of Dragon Ball. 7Balls NFT is developed for all the fans with the converge of well-known and beloved characters of Son Goku, Vegeta, Freiza, Cell; which is not only a game on blockchain platform but also an earning activity.

Currently there are many NFT games on the market, however, most of them run several simple features and call to buy tokens in advance without launching games later. With 7Balls NFT, the completed game is available and ready for you to play right now!