Game Activites

Story Mode: Activities in the game are based on the original manga series of Dragon Ball which you can pass these challenges to receive rewards. In this mode, all the characters in Dragon Ball will be appeared including the participation in the battles to fight Red Ribbons Army, in Martial Art Tournament, in the battle with Demon King - Piccolo, traveling to Namek planet and fight with Frieza…

Collect Ball: compete 1 vs 1 to receive Dragon Ball reward which can help summon Heroes in the lineup

Tournament: fight with other players to increase your rank in the list. Receive daily 10 free attacking turns. The higher your rank is, the larger reward you can get.

PvP Chess: compete in realtime with other players, a number of Heroes is random selected by the system, 2 sides can organize Heroes in the lineup as your own way and start the battle. The winner will receive the reward.

Lucky Wheel: Every 60 minutes, you have a free turn of spin which gives you the opportunity to receive many equipment, materials and Dragon Balls.

Korin Tower: send Heroes to go to practice which can update the level.

Guild Quest: Coming Soon.
Guild Boss: Coming Soon.
War Guild: Coming Soon.
World Boss: Coming Soon.